This is only a selection of the 25+ buildings you`ll find in the game

Armor smithy

Here the blacksmith produces heavy armor and shields, using iron and coal. The products you order are then delivered to the barracks, where they are used to equip the recruits.

The farmer sows and harvests corn in the surrounding fields. This corn then goes to the mill, the swine farm or the stables for further processing. The fields are planned and laid out in advance by the laborers.
Gold mine

Gold is needed for the training of laborers and recruits. The gold mine is constructed on hillsides containing gold veins. A miner will continue mining the gold until the vein is exhausted. The ore is then delivered to the gold smithy where it is processed.
Iron smithy

The iron smithy makes iron out of the iron ore. The metallurgist needs iron ore and coal for this process. The iron is then delivered to the weapons workshop, the weapons smithy and the armor smithy.

All the weapons, armor, shields and horses are stored here and used to equip the recruits. If the necessary items are on hand, the player can create several types of military unit. Immediately upon completion of his training, the recruit goes straight to the barracks and comes out either as a soldier or simply to eat at the inn. No residents are necessary in the barracks.

Training for the different occupations takes place here. Each new laborer or recruit costs one chest of gold. This training is ordered by you, the player. No residents are necessary in the schoolhouse.

The stables, just like the swine farm, need corn. The horses are constantly fed and, when they reach sufficient size, are delivered to the military. In the barracks they then wait for their riders. The stables are worked by the animal breeders.